Hi. I'm Renee. 

The Caros 1978

I learned to crochet and sew at a very young age. I think I was about 10 years old? I can't really be exact, but it was somewhere around there. As many others, I was taught by my wonderfully, talented mother how to crochet and sew (That's mom there in our S. California backyard in 1978). She taught me the basics and from that time on, I have been doing it here and there when I had the time. 


I have done many, many jobs. Many jobs! And during all those different jobs I had, I managed to have a family and raise three wonderful children.  Unfortunately, when they were young, I was too busy trying to figure out how to feed and clothe them than to worry about the next pattern I would buy and attempt to make or the next fabulous throw I would crochet for the next winter. 


(FAST FORWARD to 2012...)


When I remarried, (Oh, I divorced first then remarried, by the way) I had the greatest opportunity a wife and mother could have... I was able to stay home and work and do the things I loved doing, that is, creating! Now, I do it all the time and I have such a wonderful time making things. It is kind of like therapy for me; a stress reliever.


I started out making things for myself, then one Christmas I made a gift for EVERY family member I could think of. That same year, I had a few people see what I was doing and ask if I could make a few things for them. I figured hey, why not! But throughout that year, while sewing and crocheting items for family and friends, and hearing the numerous and countless suggestions of, "You should sell your stuff," all I kept saying was, "Oh, it's just my hobby." And that, my friends, is how It's Just My Hobby was born!


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